Union, NJ

Current Organizers

Bok Jeong

I am a professor in the Public Administration at Kean University. My research covers nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship. I am serving on a board of a social enterprise contributing to children's education.

Min (Amanda) Han

Dr. Han teaches international marketing, Internet Marketing, and consumer behavior at Kean University. Her primary areas of research interests include internet marketing, social media marketing, and electronic commerce.

Jeffrey Victor

Executive Director of New Jersey DECA. DECA is a Kean University based nonprofit serving 9,000 high school and college students across 150 high schools and Universities across New Jersey. Learn more at about.njdeca.org

Kayla Santos

Managing Assistant Director for the School of Management and Marketing at Kean University

Janine Black

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at Kean University. Research interests in Entrepreneurship, International Business, Innovative Technology, and Finance. Started with 1MC in 2017 with initial visit to Stamford CT.

Byeonghwa Park

School of Management and Marketing, Kean University

Joseph Mele

Serial entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at Kean University Joseph Mele is the Principal of Aidem TI, an advisory firm focused on technology innovation and revenue growth. He is also a Co-Founder and the Board President of Trustd, an early stage tech company focused on generating trust in the emerging Sharing Economy. Most recently, Joseph served as the VP and General Manager of the Analytics Business Unit at Spirent Communications. Previously, he was the VP and GM of the Multimedia Software Business Unit at Dialogic Corporation. Joseph was the Founder and CEO of OpenMediaLabs, a software company focused on mobile video analytics and acquired by Dialogic. He was also the co-founder and CEO of elemediaâ„¢, a start-up focused on multimedia software for IP networks and acquired by Lucent Technologies. While at Lucent, Joseph held senior positions including leading the IP Platform and Network Management Business Units. Finally, Joseph is an Adjunct Professor at Kean University, where he teaches Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and New Product Development at the School of Management and Marketing.

Bruce Waltuck

Past 3 years as co-founder/co-leader Yes, And. . . Philly, a non-profit teaching unique methods of collaboration & facilitation. Presenter to over 20,000 ppl worldwide. Teach doctoral students in community psych.

Emily Haddad

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